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FRIDAY June 30th

15:00 Registration, schmoozing & refreshments

16:00 Simchat Gallen festive opening, icebreakers and a warm welcome from Daniela F. Vorburger, President of SimchatGallen

Inspirational D’var Torah by Rabbi Prof. Dalia Marx, Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion, Jerusalem

17:00 Interactive tour of St. Gallen’s moorish-byzantic style synagogue established in 1883

18:00 Musical Kabbalat Shabbat with international ensemble and guest clergy

19:30 Shabbat evening feast, Zmirot (communal singing), spiritual D'var Torah and storytelling by Or Chadash friends of Adina and Tovia Ben-Chorin

21:30 After-party - end the day with new found friends and a Shabbes nightcap at, Simchat Gallen committee member David Rösch's Gutleben Gallery

SHABBAT July 1st

9:30 Shacharit – morning service in the Synagogue

11:30 Kiddush / Lunch and lecture by Rabbi, Prof. emeritus  Yehoyada Amir, Hebrew Union College, Jewish Institute of Religion, Jerusalem

Zmirot (communal singing)

13:00  Israeli dancing led by instructor Ayelet Joanes, held in the Music Hall of the UNESCO world heritage site of St. Gallen Cathedral [Experienced dancers are welcome to dance until 5 pm]

15:30 «The Concept of Emptiness - an Interfaith Dialogue» moderated by museum founder and artist Gilgi Guggenheim held at the Museum of Emptiness

17:00 House of One (HoO), Berlin. Interfaith workshop facilitated by its educational team
Part I HoO – past and present including Rabbi Tovia's contribution to HoO

Part II Sharing peace stories in moderated dialogue circles
Part III The concept of a peace campaign focusing on the partner projects of HoO

18:45 Se’uda Shlishit–a light meal for body & soul

19:15 A stroll in the forest, Hassidic/Yiddish stories and nigunnim (Hassidic melodies), led by David Rösch, MA in Jewish Studies, Rabbi Dalia Marx and Rabbi Golan Ben-Chorin


19:20Movie screening RESTE UN PEU in the cinema KinoK (pay on your own)

21:30 Social gathering, nightcap & other oddities, with guest presenter Marc Brownstein

22:30 Havdalah – musical farewell for Shabbat

SUNDAY July 2nd

09:30-10:30 "Dinking Across Faith" - a short documentary about interfaith Pickleball in Haifa directed by Rav Golan Ben-Chorin at the Jewish community centre

11:00-12:30 Interreligious prayer/service in cooperation with the Halden Ecumenical Congregation, Evangelical pastor Andrea Weinhold, the Roman-Catholic pastor assistant Joos Yvonne together with the HoO team. People of all religions and worldviews are cordially invited to attend. Location: Halden: Church, Oberhaldenstr: Oberhaldenstr. 25

12:30 A light snack and informal conversation to follow. Location: Halden: Church, Oberhaldenstr: Oberhaldenstr. 25

13:15 Closing Ceremony. Location: Halden: Church, Oberhaldenstr: Oberhaldenstr. 25

13:30 The Jewish heritage tour of St. Gallen - with memories of Rabbi Tovia Ben-Chorin, z"l and  stories about Jews of St. Gallen with Batja Guggenheim-Ami

*subject to change

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